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How to do your french pedicure?

Whether you want to go out in the sun or continue to enjoy the country's summer heat, you'll need a nice pedicure.

Yes! Who says open shoes also says, perfect feet and nails .

For feet, you know the routine, but what about toenails ? What do you think about learning how to have a successful french pedicure ? It's not as complicated as you think and above all, it's downright CANON and TENDANCE.

Choose the natural French pedicure

For a successful French pedicure, it must be as natural as possible, a bit like nude makeup.

The main idea of ​​this practice is to show off your toenails , without overdoing it. That's why a french manicure on the feet will be perfect to give you a neat and elegant look, to show off your nails until the dreaded moment when you will have to bring out your boots... Which we also love, but it's different! Anyway, let's think about something else, it's getting cold in this article!

Don't make these mistakes for a successful French pedicure

Before giving you our advice for a successful French pedicure , you need to know the mistakes not to make for this one to be perfect :

  • Your nails should not be too short or too long. And for good reason, nails that are too long risk breaking and accumulating dirt and nails that are too short will be more difficult to varnish, with an increased risk of ingrown toenails;
  • False nails should be banned from the French pedicure , because they damage the natural nails and the rendering will be artificial;
  • Remember to breathe your nails fairly regularly. To do this, you will need to remove ALL the layers of varnish that were necessary for the French pedicure.

The essential steps before having a successful French pedicure

It's time to get to the heart of the matter, how to have a successful french pedicure ? It's no more difficult than a French manicure, especially since you can use your right (or left) hand for BOTH feet! And that really changes everything.

So, to have pretty little toes, there are several steps to follow for a perfect French pedicure.

Take care of your feet and nails

It's really THE base, a french pedicure on unkempt nails and feet, it's the guaranteed fashion faux pas .

To have soft and smooth feet and nails, you need a foot bath in warm water.

  • Let them soak for at least 15 minutes to soften the horn.
  • Once it has softened, you can remove the dead skin using a pumice stone or a grater, paying particular attention to your heels.
  • For more regular maintenance, you can also do a grain scrub once a week. This will limit the formation of calluses and above all, do not forget to moisturize your feet AND nails every day.

Prepare your nails

Now that your nails are all beautiful, all smooth, it's time to prepare them to receive their french pedicure.

Cut them to the right length, file them into a rounded (or square) shape and lightly sand your nails with a file or polishing block, then push back the cuticles.

Last point foran easy French pedicure , put on a handkerchief or a toe separator, it will make it easier for you.

Are your nails ready? You too ? So, it's time to start your french manicure on the feet.

How to perform a french pedicure?

For a successful french pedicure, you will need:

  • A transparent base that will strengthen your nails, while preventing them from yellowing;
  • A white polish
  • Adhesive strips, if that helps with application (maximum 0.5mm);
  • A light pink or beige polish;
  • A top coat.

Once all the ingredients are combined, start by applying the transparent base on all of your nails and wait until it is completely dry before moving on.

Then, take the white polish to apply it to the naturally whiter part of the nail. For this step, you can use a fine nail art brush for more precision or adhesive strips to avoid overshooting. Wait until it is completely dry, then cover your nail (excluding the white part) with a pale pink or beige varnish (avoid transparent varnish, for more homogeneity).

And to finish, apply a layer of top coat to make your french pedicure shine and also allow it to last longer.

Small important point, especially if you are new to the subject, you can get french pedicure kits all ready, with all the tools in one package.

Now you know how to have a successful French pedicure to be trendy for the start of the school year or for your next vacation in the sun! (Yes, yes, we barely got home that we are already thinking about the holidays).