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Hemp on your skin:this does it

Hemp on your skin:this does it

CBD drops are said to help against all kinds of physical complaints, but they are also being used in more and more care products. And rightly so, according to experts, because cannabidiol has a calming and purifying effect and is even gentle on sensitive skin.

From argan oil to jojoba oil:in terms of care products, we can no longer ignore vegetable extracts. Relatively new to the list of plant-based beauty ingredients is CBD (in full cannabidiol), a substance that is extracted from the hemp plant. Soothing, healing and protective properties are attributed to CBD. In addition, the ingredient is said to be a real anti-aging hero. There is currently too little scientific research into CBD in cosmetics to support these benefits, but the initial studies are promising. For example, skin expert Paula Begoun says that CBD does indeed provide benefits for the skin, if the substance is mixed in the right amounts with oil or cream.

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Worth it

Jetske Ultee, a well-known research physician in cosmetic dermatology, agrees with the potential benefits of CBD:“Whether CBD has more anti-inflammatory properties than, for example, licorice root is difficult to say, but studies into the use of CBD certainly indicate that cannabidiol has an anti-inflammatory effect. However, it is decisive in what kind of product cannabidiol is dissolved. For example, the results of a study on a cream containing three percent CBD may have been very different if oil had been used.”


CBD is rich in antioxidants – even richer than vitamins C and E. This means the substance is able to protect your skin against free radicals and prevents pigmentation spots and wrinkles. CBD is also known for its soothing properties. It can counteract redness, irritation and dryness and is mild enough for sensitive skin. Initial studies indicate that CBD
can regulate sebum production. The fabric absorbs excess sebum and can thus reduce and prevent pimples. It is also claimed that CBD is so calming that the ingredient can support psoriasis and eczema. CBD will undoubtedly be examined more closely in the coming period, but according to Ultee, the substance is safe and harmless enough to try out for the time being.

CBD vs. hemp seed oil

Looking for a product with CBD? Search the ingredient list for cannabidiol, the cosmetic name for CBD. Do you see cannabis seed oil, hemp seed oil or cannabis extract? Then you are not dealing with pure CBD.

Crossing the border with CBD

Traveling with a bottle of CBD oil in your toiletry bag? Check whether this is legal in your country of destination. CBD is not a problem in many European countries, but in Russia, Serbia and in some parts of the United States, for example, you are in violation if you carry CBD oil with you.


Lubricating CBD will not get you high. There are two cannabis plants:the cannabis plant and the hemp plant. Weed contains THC, the substance that gets you high. The hemp plant is rich in CBD and contains virtually no THC.