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Hair loss:9 reasons that can explain it

Losing your hair is absolutely not a rare phenomenon. Even less in women . When brushing, you end up with a handful in the hand , in the shower, same thing. When you get down to your shampoo , it's always the same refrain:a ball of hair settles in your hand and in the shower tray. Plus it's clogging the shower. Nothing to please. If in general, you pass above, you sometimes wonder if this is not a problem more serious.

Know the source of the problem to deal with it

We arrest you right now, losing your hair not necessarily a health problem. You have to take into consideration a lot of things over which we have (almost)no control . Changes in hormones , stress, temperature changes or haircuts which we often do. For example, do you tend to tie your hair up every day? You have to stop this habit that damages your hair! Level vitamins , everything is OK ? Indeed, certain deficiencies can be the source of your hair loss problems. . Here are all the possible causes of your hair loss so you can hope to fix the problem.

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