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How to relieve sunburn naturally?

SOS sunburn

How do I take care of my skin naturally?

Aaaah the holidays, the heat, the palm trees, the rays of the sun on the skin…
If you too have had a little too much cracking and sunburned yourself, here are some tips to enable your skin to recover , while keeping your tan as long as possible .

How to relieve sunburn naturally?

Redness, burns, what is it?

This redness accompanied by a burning sensation is not the most pleasant. And it's quite normal, sunburn is a burn of the skin following exposure to UVB rays , a kind of ultraviolet rays.

Sunburn, often painful, is therefore an inflammatory reaction of the body following excessive sun exposure. This reaction usually appears several hours after sun exposure.

What NUOO treatments to soothe your skin?

Dehydration and flaking are skin problems that your skin will be subject to if you have abused the sun.

If your usual moisturizer can be enough to soothe your sunburn, we advise you all the same to acquire an after-sun care.
How to relieve sunburn naturally?