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Summer sales ignite Twitter

After the winter sales, it's the turn of the summer sales to fill up. In stores or online, consumers will try to find the right deal or deals. In the space of a few minutes, the "Twittos" let off steam on social networks, revealing a strong enthusiasm for this period. Summer sales ignite Twitter

This Wednesday, June 27, 2012 is placed under the sign of the opening of the summer sales. In stores as well as online, the brands offer reductions that should delight most French people. The discounts of up to 50% will certainly attract crowds to the shops. At the start of the day, shopping centers are starting to see a good number of customers. As for traders, they are hoping for sunny weather because the start of the season has been slightly marred by the capricious weather and the elections, explains Le Monde .

However, the summer sales seem to be off to a good start. Indeed, by analyzing the activity of Internet users on social networks, we can say that many of these Twitter subscribers plan to go and find good deals. Of course, sexist jokes and jokes are the favorite messages of the male sex.

- "I want to dance, but I'm going to do the #sales, I'll be less ridiculous that way "(@Sandrogynous)

- "The G-spot in women is at the end of the word Shopping " (@michelcymes)

- "We hear about the economic crisis but there are still crowds for the first days of #sales… " (@TobiTober)

- "Discounts on foot deodorants, do they do it? " (@Tluonra)

- "Hello France fighting for rags " (@AnonymousAG)

- "I apologize @ in advance to my bank which had always supported me so far and my cabinet where there is no longer 1mm available " (@Francesa_Cheka)

- "Do you think the normal president does the #Sales […]? " (@mouloudachour)

- "Mom, it's time to activate " (@elevenparis_)

- "Too bad McDonald's doesn't do the #sales " (@Elementation_)

- "During the #sales there are only 'new collections' that interest you and which are not on sale " (@IngridMBTC)

- "They should have #sales at least 4 times a year and not twice " (@ownanas)

- "It's 10 a.m.... half the girls still haven't arrived at the office. That's cliché, isn't it? "(@ymeric)

- "Women are in the streets " (@snakenhub)