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Wrinkles around the mouth:how to reduce them?

Just like the eye contour, the mouth contour is thin and sensitive. Thus, it is one of the first areas of the face to show signs of skin aging. Wrinkles around the mouth are very common, and are linked to our expressions, but also to our way of life. To preserve a young and sensual smile, here are our tips to prevent and reduce wrinkles around the mouth.

What you need to know about wrinkles around the mouth

A real asset of seduction, a beautiful, well-shaped mouth , with luscious lips, always wreaks havoc! But when wrinkles creep in, it can quickly tarnish our pretty smile. Because yes, the mouth is above all a communication tool, which translates our emotions. In this sense, wrinkles around the mouth are essentially expression lines. They widen by dint of smiling, by dint of pursing the lips, over meals or grimaces. There are several types of wrinkles around the mouth :

  • The bitterness fold:these are the wrinkles at the corners of the lips, which pull the corners of the mouth downwards, like an inverted smile
  • The fold of the sun:this pretty name designates the wrinkles from the nose to the lips, which draw small vertical lines all along the upper lip
  • Wrinkles of the nasolabial fold:these are the wrinkles that start from the wings of the nose, to the corners of the lips.

What causes wrinkles around the lips?

The first cause of wrinkles around the lips is of course our expressions. Every day, hundreds of different expressions cross our faces. The mouth, on the other hand, is constantly solicited:when we smile, when we eat, when we drink, when we pout, etc.

Over time, these different features caused by our expressions deepen, and we see the famous expression lines appear. A phenomenon that is explained by the evolution of skin tissue with age:the skin thins and loses its tone, due to a drastic drop in the production of collagen and elastin .

Other external factors can contribute to accelerating the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth. This is particularly the case of smoking :the position of the mouth when smoking a cigarette, in addition to the smoke that one receives directly, can create wrinkles around the lips early. exposure to the sun without protection sunscreen, on areas as fragile as the mouth and its contour, can cause premature expression lines.

5 steps to prevent and reduce wrinkles around the mouth

1. First line anti-UV care

The sun's ultraviolet rays are the first cause of skin aging , and therefore, the first cause of wrinkles. As we have seen, the mouth and its contour are particularly fragile. This is why, before each sunny outing, it is essential to protect yourself with sun care for the face . To preserve the beauty of your lips, complete the face sunscreen with a lip balm that acts as a barrier to UVA and UVB rays.

2. Hydration of the mouth and lip contour

Eye contour and mouth contour have the particularity of being extremely thin areas, and yet, particularly stressed. To prevent wrinkles around the mouth, hydration is essential:it brings softness to the skin and strengthens its hydrolipidic film , which protects it against aggression.

Using your moisturizer on a daily basis, always take the time to apply it around the mouth, without forgetting the area between the lips and the nose. If your skin is particularly greedy in hydration, adopt treatments with a strong moisturizing power, such as our Age 2O deep hydration cream. It deeply hydrates the skin and prevents the appearance of wrinkles around the lips thanks to effective anti-ageing active ingredients.

3. Think about scrubs and anti-aging masks

To fight the signs of aging , nothing like scrubs and face masks! Once a week, give yourself a moment just for you:enjoy 10 minutes of rest and relaxation, the time to let your moisturizing anti-aging mask . At Veld's, our Age 2O face mask, combined with the use of day cream, is ideal for plumping the skin around the mouth. Our Age Commando face balm can also be used as a mask, for an immediate anti-wrinkle effect .

The lips also need their own care:once a week, exfoliate. You can find ready-to-use in makeup and cosmetics stores, but you can also make a homemade one, from honey and brown sugar. A delicate massage on the lips before rinsing, it is the best way to eliminate dead skin, stimulate circulation, and moisturize the mouth. Always finish with a nourishing balm for luscious and soft lips!

4. A treatment with targeted action against wrinkles around the lips

If you start to have wrinkles around your mouth , do not panic, there is still time to take action! On a daily basis, the use of an anti-wrinkle cream is an essential first step. For even more visible results, you can boost the effectiveness of your cream by using an anti-aging serum .

Above all, bet on treatments with targeted action on wrinkles around the lips, such as our Age Commando lip volumizer. Its formula, specially designed for the fragile area of ​​the lips and their contour, helps fill wrinkles effectively. To you the radiant smile, the luscious mouth , and forget the wrinkles around the lips!

5. Facial gymnastics and anti-aging massages

Beyond an adapted skincare routine, the mechanical action of facial gymnastics and anti-aging massages should not be underestimated. The daily practice of facial gymnastics is ideal for firming the skin of the face, strengthening the muscles around the mouth .

On the other hand, anti-ageing massages, in addition to being particularly pleasant, help to release tension to smooth wrinkles around the lips and smooth the skin. Economical, natural, and effective:what more could you ask for?