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Fitness and well-being:advice to follow this season

As the spring season begins in a few weeks, despite the confinement period, it is essential to be in good shape. I offer you some tips that combine balance and well-being.

Fitness and well-being:advice to follow this season
Staying fit:a healthy and varied diet

Food plays a very important role in our well-being. Eating properly is essential. At least five fruits and vegetables a day are recommended. However, we must know that we are not all equal. Some people will eat very poorly and not gain weight. Conversely, a small difference can quickly be felt in other individuals.

Exercise at least three times a week

In addition to letting off steam and airing your mind, sport helps burn fat if the effort is intense. It also gives you the opportunity to strengthen yourself physically.

To keep your motivation over time, do not hesitate to be accompanied by a qualified sports coach; and/or take group lessons. The subscription to the gym, the swimming pool or the annual subscription for registration in a sports association has a financial cost. As on, you have to bet, but this time on yourself.

Working tirelessly takes great will and determination. Maintaining a self-imposed restrictive program over time is not easy.

Have a good quality of sleep

Sufficient sleep is crucial every day to feel good in body and mind. Being tired, you could easily forget about a workout. And compensate for fatigue with a sweeter diet than usual. Especially since with the accumulated stress, sleeping well and resting can become more difficult. It is therefore strongly advised not to consult the screens before going to bed. Nor to consume stimulating drinks such as tea, in order to promote sleep.