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Beauty advice:how to make up the eyebrows?

To fill in the most visible gaps or lengthen over-plucked eyebrows, use pencil alone or combined with blush. Color the voids with a light stroke of the pencil, imitating the appearance of hair. If you are completing makeup with powder eye shadow, choose a shade close to the color of your hair or eyebrows.
Using a stiff, flat, angled brow brush, pick up a small amount of powder and tap off excess. Starting from the outer corner, sweep the brush along the entire length of the eyebrow. Finally, draw a line of color along the arc to accentuate the design.

Apply the colored shadow only on the eyebrow hairs.
Finish with a layer of transparent eyebrow gel to tame and fix the eyebrows.
Observe your eyebrows. Does their shape balance the face? Does the color look natural? A veil of powder can reduce its intensity, if necessary. The eyebrow shaping mascara helps tame unruly eyebrows.

The ideal eyebrow has its starting point aligned with the inner corner of the eye. The arch is three-quarters above the eyebrow, from this point.