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Beautiful hands

Beautiful hands

It is easier to keep your face young than your hands, which betray your real age more quickly.

In fact, a UK survey shows that one in eight women is more concerned about her hands than her face.

Signs of old age
The signs of age on your hands are harder to hide than those on the face. Liver spots, thin skin and bulging veins are most common on the hands.

Outside help
For the face, there are many methods of concealing signs of aging, from injections to surgery. In America, more and more techniques are being introduced to hide the signs of aging on the hands. For example, to make bulging veins less noticeable, fat is injected. These techniques are slowly coming our way according to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Nature in its course
For now, we let nature take its course. Although a little help from a nice hand cream is not enough. Click on the products below for more information or to order immediately.