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A bath to moisturize the skin

The atmosphere.

So that this moment of beauty is also a moment of pleasure, we put on a cocooning atmosphere:soft light, warmth, music.

Bath version.

The water should not be too hot, so within 32-35 °. Like Cleopatra version 2012, we bathe in whole milk. By adding, while the water is flowing, 2 glasses and up to a liter of milk. Rich in lipids, it is a super moisturizer for the body. Once the bath is well filled, one can add essential oils of rose (balancing), jasmine (soothing), geranium (healing), rosewood (softening), or even a spoon or two of honey (nourishing and healing). ), which is mixed beforehand with a neutral base for the bath. To make the most of the moisturizing benefits, lie down in the bathtub. Cleanse with surgras products or nourishing shower creams. If you want to erase dead cells, do it before the bath (and gently!).

Shower version.

To respect the epidermis, wash by hand or with a shower flower, which is lathered before dabbing it on the body. We favor softening and surgras products. After rinsing the body with lukewarm water (32-35°), coat the wet skin with shea butter and then rinse (it forms a protective film which remains on the skin). And we dry without rubbing.

On exit.

In theory, no need to put on a layer (of cream). Unless you have dry skin:apply a moisturizer, insisting on the "crocodile skin" areas (elbows, knees, etc.).