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A steam bath

Time available? It is then an ideal period for a detox! And there's nothing like taking that long to do a steam bath. We tell you everything here!

The steam bath or facial sauna at home

The facial sauna or steam bath is a pure moment of relaxation during which you will deeply cleanse your skin. The steam will open your pores and thin the sebum to purify the epidermis and make it brighter. We then take the opportunity to do an exfoliation which will be more effective then a detox or moisturizing mask whose active ingredients will be better absorbed.

Making a steam bath

This ritual is very simple, all you need is a kettle, a salad bowl, a towel and an essential oil.

1- Cleanse your skin well

2- Pour the very hot water into a bowl

3- Add 3 drops of essential oils

Dry skin:lavender, chamomile, neroli

Normal skin:rosewood, geranium, lavender

Combination to oily skin:Tea tree, lemon, geranium

4 - Lean over the bowl and cover your head with a towel

5 - Stay 5 to 10 minutes, enjoy, relax... (relaxing background music to be expected)

6 - Then apply your exfoliant to damp skin:such as the Oil to milk exfoliant from Madara, or the De Denovo radiance exfoliant, then rinse

7 - To finish, apply your detox mask (stay 5 to 10 minutes):Banana and yellow clay mask from Kadalys or the plumping treatment from Absolution for one hour to overnight.

So, ready for a steam bath?

Warning:the steam bath is to be done maximum once a month and not recommended for very sensitive and blotchy skin