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Hair:Hidden Rainbow Roots, the new trend from Australia

The return of spring can make you want to change your hair more or less radically. When some will be satisfied with a slight clarification in order to be in line with sunny days, others will prefer to play the color card. If you belong to this second category but you do not plan to wear one of the 3 primary colors, we have the solution:opt for the Hidden Rainbow Roots! Both discreet but still very present, this coloring takes up a trend that made a lot of noise a few months ago, the Hidden Rainbow. The principle is simple:it's about hiding a rainbow in your mane, no longer on a lower row of hair hidden by the others, but on... the roots!

Rinse with cold water

Developed by the professionals of the Australian salon Blondies of Melbourne, this look is obtained in several steps:you must of course bleach the roots first, then apply the chosen colors in small touches (remember that those of the rainbow rainbows are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, for the more daring). After 30 minutes of exposure, rinsing is done with cold water according to Karen Lewis, the owner of the salon, to “prevent the colors from bleeding”. All you have to do is place your hair in such a way as to let the surprise rainbow appear or not, and you're done!

So, does the Hidden Rainbow Roots inspire you?